Diego Bastianutti

Finding My Shadow:
A Journey of Self-Discovery

Finding my Shadow is the deeply personal autobiography of Diego Bastia- nutti, a prize-winning poet and artist based in Vancouver. The book traces the author’s long and difficult journey across many borders, both physical and emotional, as a young boy twice uprooted from his Italian homeland, as a refugee in Italy who is then transplanted as a D.P. (Displaced Person) to the USA, and finally as a student, teacher, vice-consul, and life partner in Canada. Bastianutti’s fragmented life leaves him with few if any memories. Unsure about his own identity, he creates a Persona, but it’s a fiction that casts no shadow. Thanks to a special person and three amazing friends he will finally be able to find his shadow and reclaim his identity.
In Finding my Shadow, Diego Bastianutti explores the complicated issues of displacement and identity with intelligence and lyricism. He recounts his journey from child exile and scorned outsider to esteemed poet and nomad, as he both finds and helps create the far-flung Giuliano-Dalmata community.
Caterina Edwards,
author of Finding Rosa. A Mother with Alzheimer's, a Daughter in Search of the Past

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In the Maelstrom of History.
A Conversation with Miriam

Rosanna Turcinovich Giuricin

This book tells the story of Miriam Frankel, née Grünglas, a Holocaust survivor born in Tyachiv (then Slovakia, now Ukraine) but raised from infancy till age thirteen in Trieste (Italy) where her parents ran a kosher guest-house. In the wake of Mussolini’s Racial Laws of 1938 Miriam and her family were deported from Italy back to Tyachiv. Here the family fell victim to the Nazis and was taken, with the town’s entire Jewish commu- nity, to Auschwitz. After surviving Auschwitz, the war, and a crippling physical ailment, Miriam, now an orphan, emigrated to Canada where she started life anew. Today Miriam is a beloved matriarch who devotes herself to her new family and to talking to school children and community groups about the Holocaust as she experienced it. This book is based on a series of interviews with Miriam Frankel and other survivors of Nazi concentration camps, as well as on extensive research in Trieste in both the State Archive and the Jewish Archive. The result is a riveting story of survival enriched by the author’s own medita- tions, in conversation with the protagonist, on the violence wrought by intolerance and on the perils of that come from remaining silent.
While writing Miriam’s story, Rosanna Turcinovich Giuricin also writes her own story. In so doing, she accomplishes the arduous task of bringing together the stories of two populations that were swept away, like leaves in the wind, by the maelstrom of history that struck Europe in the twentieth century.

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"El Boletin"
turns 50

Club Giuliano Dalmato di Toronto has been publishing this quarterly newsletter / magazine for the last 50 Years. It has seen many changes during these fifty years. It started out as a single sheet newsletter to become what is now 24 pages of informative articles of past and present with many colour photos. This is all due in part to the hard work of Prof. Konrad Eisenbichler. Please take a look at our latest issue as well as all the back issues of
"EL Boletin" from Volume 001 to our newest Volume 190

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Forgotten Italians: The Julian-Dalmatian Community in Canada

This is a presentation done by Prof. Eisenbichler which aired on October 20, 2020. The presentation was on the forgotten Julian-Dalmatian in Canada.
A talk by Dr. Konrad Eisenbichler (University of Toronto)
Organized by the Italian Studies programs as part of:
La Settimana Della Lingua Italiana/The Week of Italian Language

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2020-2024 Committee

President - Carlo Milessa, Vice-President - Marisa S. Carusone, Second Vice-President - Sergio Kmet, Finical Secretary - Liliana Zugna, Membership Director - Daniela Chiasson, Committee Member - Olivia Zugna, Committee Member - Joseph Schillaci.
"El Boletin" Editor - Konrad Eisenbichler.

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New members are always welcome.
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Past, Present and Future Club Events

Below are some photos of past events held by our club. As well as any new and future events planned by Club Giuliano Dalmato di Toronto.

Red Land (Rosso Istria)

Welcoming table at TIFF Bell Lightbox Theater, for the Toronto premier release of Maximiliano Hernando Bruno's movie "Red Land (Rosso Istria)"

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Red Land (Rosso Istria)

Enjoying a lovely cake

Hon./On. Francesca LaMarca

Laura Albanese

Cristiano de Florentiis from the ICFF with Hon. Francesca LaMarca